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FC #Owner NameStreetZipSubdivisionBalance DueStatus
17-022LYNDA K PRUITT 5 Jackpine Court80487 $177,141.20NED Recorded
17-021JAY D. DENTON AND SHARON R. DENTON 506 B BUENA VISTA CT80487 $373,523.99NED Recorded
17-020Kristen Bertram and William T Bertram 175 N Aspen81639 $63,094.84Withdrawn
17-019FORREST D REEDY AND DONNA L REEDY 42555 County Road 7681639 $272,561.31NED Recorded
17-018E Trent Dietrich & Kathy M Dietrich 1301 Conestoga Circle80477 $121,700.92NED Recorded
17-017Beatrice Westwater30311 Sagebrush Trail80467 $134,981.89NED Recorded
17-016Ross D Sessions & Janet L Sessions46275 Rock Springs LN81639 $303,545.66Pending Continuance
17-015Laura J Sjoblom & Fredrik J Sjoblom31135 Broken Talon Trail 80467 $341,487.84NED Recorded
17-014NATE BOISJOLI and JENNIFER WARREN 40523 Steamboat Drive80487 $285,163.62Bankruptcy Sale Stayed (Restart Needed)
17-013Chad Michael Johnson & Jennifer L. Johnson 31040 Fallen Falcon Trl80467 $356,433.29NED Recorded
17-012Lloyd Dewey Whitecotton and Julie Beth A Whitecotton102 Shady Lane81639 $162,026.17Deeded
17-011Kurt B. Frentress, Kurt Frentress, Yvonne M. Frentress, Yvonne Frentress5980 County Road 6581639 $1,371,921.11Withdrawn
17-010Michael D. Herning147 Spruce Street80487 $276,486.06Withdrawn
17-009Leroy E Lawton,Mary Margaret Lawton42625 Routt County Road 8681625 $331,811.90Withdrawn
17-008Michael Herning923 Steamboat Blvd80487 $713,028.72Withdrawn (Cured)
17-007TORELLO, ERIN,TORELLO, MICHAEL1472 CONESTOGA CIRCLE80487 $139,701.60Withdrawn
17-006Gary L. Bostock111 South Arthur Ave80467 $240,959.96Withdrawn (Cured)
17-004Dean G. Smith 1855 Ski Time Square Drive 80487 $251,421.57Deeded
17-003Michael G. Weber & Vicki L. Weber 32456 Ute Trl80467-8570 $446,669.29Withdrawn
17-002Nevin A. Green & Penny J. Green2200 Village Inn Court80477 $12,325.84Deeded
17-001Matthew Cary33632 Seneca Trail 80467 $189,948.55Deeded
16-031D. Grant Fenton and Tracy Day Fenton, Title taken as and the notary acknowledged grantor as Traci Day Fenton1486 BLUE SAGE DR80487 $686,000.00To be Withdrawn
16-030Cassie J. Reedy433 Clover Circle81639 $216,662.08Deeded
16-029Julia L. Jordan580 Sandhill Circle 80487 $417,000.00Withdrawn
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