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FC #Owner NameStreetZipSubdivisionBalance DueStatus
16-004David N ChasseParcel Number 5 RCR 2580467 $98,233.18NED Recorded
16-003Jason B. Troyer & Laura A. Troyer31180 Sunbird Way80467 $237,399.20NED Recorded
16-002Timothy Kohl38845 Pine Street80487 $261,669.15NED Recorded
16-001Cheryl L. Gillmore & Andy F. Gillmore21470 4th Ave80469 $72,585.75To be Withdrawn
15-035John A. Bennan & Ann Bennan3045 Temple Knoll80487 $1,585,547.29NED Recorded
15-034Michael D. Herning923 Steamboat Blvd80487 $778,675.65NED Recorded
15-033Keith Fulk18565 Canyon View Trl81639 $376,855.23Withdrawn
15-032John C. Graham & Susan T. Graham33760 County Road 43A80487 $160,000.00Withdrawn
15-031John Lloyd Hull and Debra Diane Hull 275 South Poplar 81639 $69,795.72NED Recorded
15-030Stephen A Cobb500 Bearview Court80487 $501,650.41NED Recorded
15-029NATE BOISJOLI and JENNIFER WARREN40523 Steamboat Drive80487 $322,053.31Pending Continuance
15-028William D. Rogers & Janice E. Rogers30125 RCR 2781639 $167,408.87NED Recorded
15-027Hiram M. Martin710 West Jefferson Street81639 $182,451.31Deeded
15-026Linda L Kenyon26755 Aspen Court80428 $223,611.09To be Withdrawn
15-025Thorman J Idzahl & Marilyn A. Idzahl350 Old Fish Creek Falls Rd80487 $176,814.35Pending Continuance
15-024Patricia A Richardson & Jack W Richardson40520 Anchor Way80487 $291,254.66Withdrawn
15-023Thomas W. Ernst & Julie Ernst1088 Uncochief Circle80487 $875,938.38NED Recorded
15-022Jason Butts & Karen Bleile & John R Stouffer48225 Flora Ct80487-9563 $558,813.28Deeded
15-021Keith J. Stein22955 CR 13280483 $424,669.37Withdrawn
15-020Joseph W. Fete Jr & Patricia A Fete43605 Routt County Road 12980487 $603,910.62Withdrawn
15-019Michael V. Shuttleworth1389 Morgan Court80487 $257,557.79Withdrawn
15-018Melissa G. Watson1157 Overlook Drive80487 $372,651.80Withdrawn
15-017HCB Partners, LLC, A Colorado Limited Liability Company912 Lincoln Ave80477 $138,221.83Withdrawn
15-016Merrilee McEndre and Clifford D Ade2955 COLUMBINE DRIVE 80487 $113,373.53Withdrawn
15-015Chad Michael Johnson & Jennifer L. Johnson31040 Fallen Falcon Trail80467 $344,739.23Withdrawn
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