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FC #Owner NameStreetZipSubdivisionBalance DueStatus
15-008Shannan Lynn Terry31640 Anna Nina Drive80487 $331,811.61NED Recorded
15-007Dennis A. Chadwick & Marianne C. Chadwick, formerly known as Marianne C. Johnson21559 3rd Ave80469 $153,858.28NED Recorded
15-006Richard Nye109 South Arthur80467 $136,186.30Sold
15-005Greg L. Comstock & Patricia Romeo Comstock2741 Ridge Road80487 $356,168.47NED Recorded
15-004Jason T. Throne,Mary C. ThroneRoutt County Road 46A80487 $92,568.70NED Recorded
15-003Christine Scanlon36882 Tree Haus Drive80487 $450,095.61NED Recorded
15-002Steamboat Springs Properties, L.L.C.2335 Apres Ski Way80487 $284,159.55NED Recorded
15-001Jon Hall and Rosemarie Smith 25050 Pine Street80469 $335,129.27NED Recorded
14-065Reno W. Ager & Kristine M. Ager201 Moffat Ave80483 $180,811.99Withdrawn
14-064Beverly G Leck & Paul O Leck34375 Red Dirt Lane80463 $623,893.56Pending Continuance
14-063David Ritchie,Mary Jo Ritchie40205 Valley Dr.80487 $73,981.54Withdrawn
14-062Brad L. Hays 61520 Placer St80428 $145,567.87NED Recorded
14-061Wayne Forrest Gray & Crystal Gray154 N 4TH Street81639 $167,667.27Sold
14-060Marcus Worthen2626 Longthong Drive80487 $269,911.66Pending Continuance
14-059James A. Kern21670 Whitewood Drive W80487 $851,153.93NED Recorded
14-058Esther A. Wheeler & Jeffrey B. Wheeler551 E Washington Ave81639 $203,509.66Withdrawn
14-057Richard M. Hodges & Gay L. Hodges1414 Flattop Circle80487 $1,458,904.95Withdrawn
14-056Reno W. Ager & Kristine M. Ager201 Moffat Ave80483 $180,811.99Withdrawn
14-055Patricia G. ZulianRoutt County Road 12980428 $106,911.38Withdrawn
14-054Benjamin Z Holdridge & Laura D Sutton316 Cherry Drive80487 $350,071.04Withdrawn
14-053John J. Gorman IV & Tamra I. Gorman31900 Preserve Drive80487 $728,497.99NED Recorded
14-052John J. Gorman IV & Tamra I. Gorman31900 Preserve Drive80487 $870,208.60NED Recorded
14-051Ann H. Noyes & Harold A. Noyes Jr.212 Main Street80483 $150,162.31Pending Continuance
14-050Leslie M. Bugg & Martin E. Bugg155 N. 4th Street81639 $246,180.37Bankruptcy (To be continued)
14-049Alan D. MillerCapitol Hill Addition to the Town of Oak Creek 80467 $63,500.67Pending Continuance
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